Equipment for competitive swimming: Backstroke flags

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to                               49 m              14,17 €/meter
from                 50 – 99 m              13,74 €/meter
from             100 – 120 m              12,75 €/meter

Turns and touches are not only of increasing importance for the breaststroke, freestyle and fly, but also for the backstroke. For decades this area had been given little attention in trainings sessions, but coaches and swimmers today are focusing more and more on backstroke turns and touches due to very close finishes happening during meets.

An important part of  backstroke training is the high speed approach and the touch of the wall. In order to avoid slowing down or turning to assess the distance to the wall, FINA made backstroke flags mandatory long ago. According to official swim meet rules,  at both pool ends there have to be Backstroke flags each 5 meters away from the wall.  According to the standards, the flag string must be installed at least 1.8 meters above the surface of the water. For this purpose, the respective ground brackets are to be inserted at both sides of the pool in the appropriate places. Schmitzler Startsystems provides standardized and customizable backstroke cords for training and competition purposes.

Equipment and advantages of the  pennant flag cord for backstroke swimming Schmitzler Startsystems

Schmitzler’s program includes equipment for backstroke in the form of ropes, which have triangular flags or pennants as required by the FINA Statutes. In order to maintain the highest possible efficiency when approaching the wall, as well as for finishes  or  turns during backstroke, swimmers have the opportunity to touch or turn optimally by counting their  arm pulls from the  easily recognizable nylon pool flags to the wall. Backstroke swimmers who approach the wall without neglecting the elbow-forward posture of power transfer  into the water by turning, will achieve better finishes and faster turns in backstroke.

Of decisive significance is also the pushing away from the wall after the backstroke turn. Since the swimmer is now allowed to move completely submerged up to 15 m after the turn, which leads to better aerodynamics and  faster movement , the speed of  approaching the wall before the turn is crucial for a perfect backstroke turn. Special rules also apply for the finishes, which can be optimized with the help of the backstroke flags. Since according to the rules of the FINA, a finish in the various backstroke disciplines must always be carried out in a back position, the flags are beneficial because they eliminate the need to look for the wall. In addition, this lack of unnecessary movement would also lead to faster times.

Pennant Flag cords for backstroke: usage  possibilities and individualization

In general Schmitzler Startsystems flag cords comply with the DSV and FINA standards and can therefore be used at all official swim meets.  Schmitzler offers clubs the option to personalize the pennants when purchasing pool and competition equipment for swim meets. Advertising banners, company or club logos as well as other characters and numbers can be applied as you wish. Moreover, the color design of the individual pennants can be customized.

Positive benefits:

  • High identification
  • Great recognition value
  • Optimized external presentation
  • Upgrading your own swim meet

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